Last updated: Nov 2020

There should be no confusion on the interpretation of this disclaimer which applies to all PECAM official and unofficial rides:

  • You are responsible for the control of your motorcycle and riding decisions you make.
  • You are responsible for compliance with all relevant traffic law.
  • You must always ride to suit your comfort and riding skill levels and not go beyond these.
  • Ride in a safe and responsible manner at all times with due consideration for others.

In the winter months, or in bad weather conditions, the following also applies:

  • If the temperature is forecast to be 4 degrees Celsius or less, or there are high winds or heavy rain, it may be likely that the PECAM ride may be cancelled by the Ride Leader. This decision does not prevent anyone from riding, and should you still want to ride simply turn up at the venue and ride with any others that may also attend, although you are likely to make up your own ride route.

In the above situation, we are seeking to remove any pressure to ride in a group or for the leader to lead a ride in bad weather conditions, as this may be uncomfortable for them and the others in the group.