The PECAM Zoom based Social Evening, on Tuesday 16th March 2021 allowed the PECAM members to meet one of our area’s IAM Examiners, Simon Burgin. Simon is a serving police officer, where he is not only a VIP Escort level Police Driver and Rider, but also one of Cambridgeshire’s Forensic Crash Investigators.

A deep passion for motorcycling

Simon covered a large amount of ground in his presentation from his role in the force, background in and passion for motorcycling, his day to day role, some insights into who we are sharing the road with – all the way through to what he likes to see when examining advanced test candidates.

Motorcyclists are statistically the most vulnerable road users in the country, and whilst we only make up 3.3% of road users we account for 19% of those killed or seriously injured in road collisions. A startling fact is that nearly half of motorcycling collisions (47%) are single vehicle – this means that we do it to ourselves!

Motorcyclists share the roads with some very dangerous drivers

Simon made it very clear that motorcyclists share the road with some very dangerous drivers. Those who have some form of impairment, like poor sight, those who misuse and abuse alcohol and drugs and then decide to drive, and those who don’t pay attention to what they are doing. We cannot change the world, the road conditions and the traffic conditions are what they are. What we can do is change the way we interact with the world and advanced training is a key tool for both enjoying your motorcycle, as well as staying safe whilst on the roads.

Advanced training helps to keep you alive

Advanced training helps to build your motorcycling skills, both in terms of handling your bike as well as your ‘Roadcraft’. Knowledge of the highway code, a good level of concentration, accurate observation, appropriate use of speed and control, good hazard perception skills, acting on identified risks, being aware of your own and your bike’s limitations and skilful use of machine controls go hand in hand with the right attitude to your own safety and the safety of others, to make you a good rider – and quite possibly saving your life.

Questions and Answers

Following Simon’s presentation we had a very enjoyable 45 minutes or so discussion and Q&A about all things motorcycling. Thank you Simon, a very pleasant social evening that we hope to repeat in the not too distant future, but this time in person!

Simon Burgin with the Bike Safe Ducati

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