Pharmabike was created earlier this year in response to the first national lock-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the 5 months from April to August 12 volunteer motorcyclists from PECAM safely delivered more than 1,300 prescriptions to vulnerable patients of pharmacies across our region. Volunteers from IAM groups in adjoining areas also took part in their respective areas and at one point we had more than 100 volunteers ready to deliver prescription medicine.

In response to the second lock-down, Pharmabike was re-initialised on 3rd November, and has run for a further 6 weeks. During this time the volunteers from PECAM have delivered just shy of a further 500 prescriptions and covering nearly 3,000 miles in some very challenging weather conditions.

Pharmabike is available to all official groups of Advanced motorcyclists and car drivers and offers a turn-key solution to ensure the safety of the volunteer and the patient receiving the prescriptions, and maintaining the security of the medicines being delivered.

For further information please use the contact form on this web site.

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