During the initial 2020 coronavirus lock-down period, a squadron of volunteer motorcyclists helped to deliver prescription medicines directly to patients’ doorsteps to take the pressure off local pharmacies, which were struggling to meet the increased demand.

PECAM developed a very safe series of protocols that covered every aspect of Prescription delivery and offered the Pharmacy staff, Patients and volunteer riders the safest of environments in which to deliver the medicine.

At the height of the Pandemic the scheme was adopted by biking groups in Milton Keynes, Peterborough Northampton and Lincolnshire, with more than 100 volunteers ready to help.

Pharmabike was relaunched for the 2nd national lock-down of 2020, and will continue to support our local communities as long as there is a need.

PharmaBike is available as an Operating Pack to any Advanced motorcycle group that would like to help out their local community.