There are three routes into membership of PECAM:
  • You can join through the purchase of the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider course, which costs £149.00. The price includes membership of IAM RoadSmart for one year, membership of the group undertaking the coaching (PECAM if within the PE post codes) and includes pre-payment of the advanced test fee. If you are coached through PECAM as an associate member you will also be able attend a range of motorcycle skills-based events, organised rideouts and of course our social activities.
  • Existing IAM Members moving to our area will be welcomed as full members. It is a requirement however that IAM Membership must remain active whilst a member of PECAM. The PECAM membership subscription is £17.50 per year Contact us for membership application.
  • As an IAM RoadSmart affiliated group, we also offer a “Friend” of PECAM. This class of membership costs £17.50 per year. Friend memberships are intended to provide a membership option for those whose do not intend join IAM RoadSmart or become advanced motorcyclists. Friend members can only attend non-riding social events, or riding events as a pillion of an existing current member. Friend membership does not include family of current members they are welcome to attend all non-riding events and riding events as pillions.
We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the ethos of the club, and by the lack of pipes, beards, slippers and BMWs. Okay, there are a few BMWs and some beards amongst us, but we remember to dress correctly in our riding gear (including boots) before going out on our motorcycles. Our aim, as a motorcycle club, is to have fun on our bikes, irrespective of what you ride.