50% discount off IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Training

PECAM are working in partnership with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority VisionZero Road Safety Partnership to offer discounted rider training.

PECAM and VisionZero believe that advanced rider training can and will save lives. Statistically motorcyclists are the most vulnerable road user group, with a higher percentage of killed and seriously injured than any other group, including cyclists.

There are some interesting facts about the cause of accidents resulting in injured motorcyclists. Drivers claim not to have seen the bike, the motorcyclist may manoeuvre directly into the path of a vehicle and an amazing 47% of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured are in single vehicle accidents. That is right, we do it to ourselves!

The more motorcyclists that undertake advanced training, the safer they will be. IAM Roadsmart Advanced Training teaches riders how to read the road, know before they enter a bend how sharp that bend is and crucially what the correct entry speed should be. How to be seen, how to see more, and how to make safe, legal progress through any and every hazard that you will encounter on the road.

The reputation of the Institute of Advanced Motoring may be of older generation drivers and riders with grey beards, nasally droning on about this and that. The facts though are quite different. We have members of all ages, a good number of women, and we ride a wide variety of bikes.  The chairman of the group rides a BMW S1000RR for example.

This important scheme is funded by the local authority in order to widen the appeal of advanced rider training AND reduce deaths and serious injuries on the road. If you join us we will provide you with all the training you need to reach the IAM Roadsmart Advanced Test standard, and on passing that test you will get 50% off your joining fee (usually £149) paid into your bank account. NOTE: Terms and Conditions apply.

The £149 (with cash back only £74.50) covers all the training you will need, there are no limits to the number of training rides you can undertake. All training is on a one-to-one basis with a qualified observer. The fee also covers your IAM membership for your first year, your PECAM membership for the first year, and access to all other PECAM training e.g. slow speed skills most of which is free of charge.

PECAM also offers a full year-round social calendar, with social group rides on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, and one social evening (3rd Tuesday) each month. We also have a Christmas party and summer barbecue.

Interested in becoming a safer and more competent rider, whilst also increasing your riding enjoyment? Then come and speak with us in person at any of our recruitment events which you can see advertised here.